When You Need Care

Life-altering events happen.

When they do, we’re here to listen and offer support. Through our pastors and Caring Ministries staff, trained volunteers, and the expertise available through Berkeley Christian Counselors, First Pres offers a range of resources that speak to every need of your heart.

Contact us—we can help.

Companionship and Guidance

If you are facing a crisis, grieving a loss, experiencing a life transition, or facing a spiritual challenge of any kind, our Stephen Ministers are here to help. You may also seek the guidance of a Stephen Minister when you anticipate an important change in your life. Stephen Ministers are experienced, trained lay leaders who provide ongoing, confidential, one-on-one support at no charge to you. To learn more, or to request the help of a Stephen Minister, contact Kay Ferguson at kayf@fpcberkeley.org or 510 848-6252 ext. 274.

Financial Assistance

Through the Deacon Fund, First Pres provides emergency, one-time financial assistance to members of our community who are in need. Send a confidential request to deaconfund@fpcberkeley.org, or call us at 510 848 6252 ext. 514.

Home and Hospital Visits

If you are sick or homebound, our Deacons are available to come speak with you, pray with you, offer communion, and listen to your concerns. Deacons are ordained servant leaders of the church. They serve as the hands and feet of our Caring Ministries, offering a good word and the comfort of Christ whenever needed. To seek the help of a Deacon, please contact David Wagner at davidw@fpcberkeley.org or 510 848-6252 ext. 241.


If you would like us to pray for you, or for a family member or friend, we invite you to submit a request online. Your need will be held in confidence, and you may submit your request anonymously if you prefer. You may also complete a prayer request form (available at the church) and leave it in the offering plate on Sunday. Or reach out to us directly, via email at prayer@fpcberkeley.org or by phone at 510 848 6252.

Support Groups and Classes

First Pres and our partners at Berkeley Christian Counselors offer a range of support groups and classes throughout the year. Past groups have addressed the needs of widows and widowers, individuals recovering from divorce, and Christian parents of children who identify as LGBTQ. Our offerings always reflect the desires of the community; many groups have come together as a result of one individual voicing a need. Let us know if there is a topic that would be of particular help to you or your family. Check out our upcoming support groups and classes here.


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