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We care, we love, we serve because of Christ.

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We care because of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus cared for the poor, healed the sick, shared joys and sorrow of friends and strangers, and offered forgiveness and reconciliation, Caring Ministries seeks to embody the love of Christ. Because of Christ, we love concretely and serve generously.

Life-altering events happen. When they do, we’re here to listen and offer support, whether it’s with a visit to your home or hospital, offering time with a Stephen Minister, counselor, or pastor, or by connecting you with other resources for care. Contact us—we can help.

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BCC offers counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Learn more and schedule an appointment on the Berkeley Christian Counselors website.
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Stephen Ministers are gifted, called, and committed individuals who come alongside others in our church and the wider community. If you or someone you know might benefit from receiving care from a Stephen Minister, please contact Kay Ferguson, Stephen Ministry Director, at (510) 848-6252 ext. 274 or kayf@fpcberkeley.org.
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Do you need support, encouragement, or accountability? First Pres offers support groups and classes on a variety of topics. Learn what’s currently being offered. Many groups have come together as a result of one individual voicing a need; we welcome your contact about desire for support in a specific area. Here are some potential offerings:

  • Christian Parents of Children Who Identify as LGBT
  • Women over 60
  • Divorce Recovery Course
  • Widows/Widowers Support Group
  • Recurring Groups and Classes

[av_toggle title=’Deacon Care Ministries’ tags=” av_uid=’av-7dls9′ custom_id=”]
Deacons are ordained servant leaders of the church body that serve as the hands and feet of the caring ministries, and who offer words and the comfort of Christ, whenever needed. Care includes visitation, administering the Deacon Fund, and support for memorials, and more.

For more information, or to reach the Deacons, please contact David Wagner, Caring Ministries Admin at (510) 848-6252 ext. 241 or davidw@fpcberkeley.org.
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The Church and Disability Interactive Teaching Event

Thursday, October 22, 7-9pm
Led by Chris Young

Chris is a seminarian at American Baptist Seminary of the West (in Berkeley). During this event Chris will lead us through biblical teaching and a set of interactive exercises in order to expand our awareness and challenge our assumptions around disability.  The event is available to the First Pres Community as well as the general public.  If you are involved in care ministries, care-giving or you are a follower of Christ, this event will be extremely informative.

For more information contact David Wagner, davidw@fpcberkeley.org or Pastor Mark, marks@fpcberkeley.org.

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Check out the Caring Brochure

For pastoral emergencies, please call (510) 848-6252 ext. 1.

Click here to submit a prayer request.
Click here for the current Prayer Calendar.

For more information, please email us at caring@fpcberkeley.org.