Community Groups

Community Groups are at the heart of our life together.

Through the gift and grace of community, we receive and give loving care, encouragement, and support for life’s journey.

As we share our stories with one another, we more clearly see God’s story intersecting with our own. Together we explore where God is calling us—individually and as a community—toward serving others in our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, and beyond.

Community Groups, each typically six to 12 adults, meet in the home of a group member or at First Pres. (Or, most recently, on Zoom.) Groups gather throughout the week to explore the intersection of God’s story and our story, guided by the Questions for Reflection that accompany the weekly sermon.

Community Groups are a place for exploration and growth in a safe and accepting environment. Here, friendships take root, and bonds with one another and with God are deepened.

New Community Groups form throughout the yearin
the fall, at the start of the new year, and at the beginning of Lentand meet seasonally. Other groups meet year-round with no expiration date!

We invite you to explore the diverse Community Groups available at First Pres, and choose one that’s right for you.

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