Community Life at First Pres

We are all in this together.

“This” is the journey inward, which invites us to a deepening relationship with Jesus as we embrace our identity as children of God. And it is the journey outward, a call to serve others in pursuing God’s mission in the world.

At First Pres, we journey inward and outward together. Because we believe that in community our faith grows stronger and our spirit flourishes.

First Pres supports the spiritual growth of individuals at all stages of life, and in all stages of faith. We provide essential experiences that nurture intimacy with God and a richer understanding of our lives within the body of Christ. These experiences include:

  • Bible study. Scripture illuminates how each of us finds our deepest identity as God’s beloved and as part of God’s redemptive story.
  • Spiritual practice. Through retreats, classes, and other activities, we come to recognize recognize God’s presence in our lives.
  • Community fellowship and support. Life itself is a catalyst for growth—the crises we face, the transitions we undergo, and the life stages we move through. By sharing these experiences and life-passages with one another, we learn new ways of experiencing the love and grace of God.

Our ministries accompany you and your family from birth and childhood through every stage of your adult life. We invite you to find your community within our community. Come inquire, explore, and engage.

Whether you are just beginning your journey with God or you are a seasoned traveler, we have a place for you here, and faithful friends to share the road.

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