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First Pres is proactively taking steps to prevent and minimize spreading of the coronavirus in order to care for our community. We are meeting via zoom. For questions, visit our Coronavirus Response page or email Janet Sanders at janets@fpcberkeley.org. 

Current Community Group Members: Please contact your CG leader regarding your group’s schedule

Weekly Questions for Reflection (based on Sunday message) are available for download for personal or group reflection. (See the sidebar) We are deferring the sermon series, Everyday Spirituality, Finding Jesus in the Ordinary, until after Easter Sunday, April 12. Our pastoral team will instead address these challenging and anxious times through God’s word to us in Scripture.

You can join in weekly worship via our website where a video featuring a message will be posted Sunday mornings at 10 am.

Interested in a CG? While we are not forming new community groups at this time, our Open Door Community Group (normally meets on Sunday during Middle Hour) is hosting a Zoom Group immediately following the Sunday message available from our website. To join the conversation, based on the Questions for Reflection, click here and follow the prompt to email the Open Door contact person for a Zoom invite.

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Community Groups are a place for exploration and growth in a safe and accepting environment. We embrace values and practices that build up and deepen our life together in community as stated in our Community Group Covenant.

Conversations in our CGs are guided by Questions for Reflection (see the sidebar) based on Sunday’s message from the current sermon series. These are available for download on Fridays preceding the Sunday message.

More information about Community Groups: Janet Sanders, Director for Christian Formation, at janets@fpcberkeley.org.
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Our Community Groups team is excited to support and resource all of our Community Groups and their leaders. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Keep you informed of upcoming equipping events where we cover such topics as insights from upcoming sermon series upon which our discussions are based, honing facilitation skills, having difficult conversations, using our online CG Directory and more.
  • Resource missional/service opportunities for your CG for Do Justice Day of Service, Saturday, March 21
  • Thinking of starting a Community Group or adding more members to your existing group? We can help with that too!


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Download Everyday Spirituality Questions for Reflection

Download Holy Week discussion questions

Learn more about Adult Communities and Classes at First Pres.