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Common Ground

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September 26, 2021 @ 11:15 am 12:30 pm

Let’s be honest. We have questions. Lots of them. Many of us find our way to church—or back to it—because we’ve exhausted our own answers. But, ironically, church can often feel like the last place we can ask these questions, since everyone else seems to be in-the-know.

Join us in creating Common Ground where those of us new or returning to church can ask, explore, wrestle with, and ponder those questions that brought us here to begin with…. 

Is it Just Me?
Exploring our longing to be known and belong and our fear of vulnerability

Where’s God when it Hurts?
Exploring our pain and what to do with a God who allows it

Which God?
Exploring the many characters of God in our culture and Bible

So…How Do I Read This?
Exploring what to make of and how to read that ancient and strange book called the Bible

Why Church?
Exploring why on earth we’d give up lazy Sunday mornings to be with people who annoy us

To What End?
Exploring why we bother with asking–and revisiting–any of these questions anyways

Each week we’ll share our wonderings and wanderings together, discovering, if not answers, fellow journeyers in this Common Ground.

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