Composed of pastors and elders as voting members, the Session is the governing body of the church. Elders are elected by the congregation as ordained officers, serving three-year terms. Elders act as the spiritual overseers of the church, determining policy, and exercising leadership, governance, and discipline, all while acting as shepherds to the congregation, setting an example for all.

The Session generally meets on the third Tuesday of the month. (Dates are listed on the church calendar.) Meetings are open to congregants, with time allotted at the start of each meeting for congregants to speak. Contact if you would like to attend an upcoming meeting, or if you have questions or feedback for the Session.


Deacons are ordained servant leaders of the church. They serve as the hands and feet of the caring ministries, offering encouraging words and the comfort of Christ whenever needed.

Deacons are elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms. Deacons are expected to bring their spiritual and practical gifts to the service of the church. The ministries of the Deacons include regular prayer, monthly cards and seasonal flower deliveries to those who are sick, elderly or bereaved, serving communion in Sunday worship, hosting memorial service receptions, and organizing and leading service projects.

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