Our Sacred Spaces

The historic First Pres sanctuary is the central gathering place of our congregation.

Here, we worship, enjoy concerts and other events, and invite our neighbors inside to experience Christian hospitality and learn about our ministries.

The first worship service in this space took place in January 1908, and the sanctuary was formally dedicated on April 26 of that year.

The sanctuary was restored in 1971 after the fire department raised safety concerns. The church at that time lined the sanctuary with large, plate-glass windows to present a visible, welcoming face to the community.

The most recent renovation was in 2019, when we refinished the pews, replaced the carpets and cushions, upgraded our audio and video technologies, attuned our beautiful Fratelli Ruffatti organ to a fully renovated sound system, and made other improvements.

With abundant natural light and seating for 1,200 worshippers, is an ideal venue to hear the Good News and praise the Creator through prayer and song. It is also a holy space for intimate moments of prayer and contemplation.

In addition to the sanctuary, First Pres also houses a prayer chapel, available to all and where service leaders meet on Sunday mornings to pray and prepare their hearts and minds for worship.

Along our corridors you will find member-created original art that encourages congregants and visitors alike to experience the Gospel in new and surprising ways.

We also welcome you to enjoy our quiet prayer garden, where you may seek Jesus through peaceful meditation.

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